Introducing the World's Most Famous Technical Analysis with "Arrow Signs"!

Have you ever made an Intuitive Trading?
Everything that resulted in a profitable entry was just LUCK.
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Technical analysis is a technique for Making Predictions based on Historical Patterns.

In investment behavior, if there are similar patterns in the past, there is a high probability that it will be the same pattern in the future.

– Arrow Signs and Automated Trading Tools –

– Signal EA HYDRA –

[Important Explanation]

・Arrow sign automatic entry function (Real sign, Confirmed sign)
・Lot size automatic adjustment function (When set to auto, purchases are proportional to surplus margin)
・Two-stage double trail function (An advanced version of the trail function)
・Spread restriction system (Automatic restriction system)
・Slippage settings
・Day-of-the-week, second-based trading time restriction system
・Hand settlement time closing function (Can close only +, only -, or all positions)
・Load reduction measures & capable of operating with 9 currencies simultaneously
・No currency restrictions, available for all currency pairs
・Debugging support (Verified by debuggers for any issues)
・Customer support (We provide support even after your purchase!)

– Win Rate Signal Echidna –

【Important Explanation】

・No repainting. Usable from 1-minute to weekly charts.
・No currency restrictions. Usable for all currency pairs.
・Ability to calculate win rates.
・Signals are generated only when the predetermined win rate or higher is reached.
・Optimized to reduce load! Suitable for long-term operation and simultaneous use with 9 currency pairs.
・Being a well-known indicator, it allows studying while following the signals.
・Debugging has been supported and verified by debuggers to resolve any issues.

From beginners to professional investors, we provide technical analysis in a simple and easy-to-understand way, displayed with Arrow Signs.
You won’t miss any buying opportunities as it is Visual, Intuitive, and Timely.

[Features of the Sign Tool]

・Win Rate Verification System
・Win Rate determination system included (signals are generated when the win rate is met or exceeded).
Non Repaint. Available from 1-minute to weekly timeframes.
・No currency restrictions. Available in ALL Currencies.
Measures taken to Reduce Load! Suitable for long-term and simultaneous trading with 9 currency pairs.
・Based on well-known indicators, allowing you to study while observing the signals.
Debugging Supported (Issues have been verified by debuggers).


Q: I am a beginner and it’s my first time using MT4. I don’t know how to use it.
A: After purchase, we provide an instructional video on “How to Set Up” (Takes only 1 minute).
Q: I don’t understand how to read indicators. Can beginners still make profits?
A: Analysis is performed by indicators, and you only need to operate based on “Arrow Signs”.
Q: Is that possible to operate in multiple currencies?
A: Yes, it is fully compatible (Measures have been taken to reduce the load when using multiple currencies).
※Multiple arrow signs can be used simultaneously. Recommended: Simultaneous operation of 9 currencies
Q: Can I use it with any Securities Companies (Broker)?
A: Yes, It can be used if the Securities Companies (Broker) allows the use of MT4.
Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: We apologize that we do not offer refunds.

■Concept of Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is precisely the method of charting past price movements, identifying trends and patterns, and predicting future stock prices and currency trends.
The chart graph represents the historical transaction and investment behavior, and this analytical approach is based on the prediction that “if there are similar patterns in the past, there is a high probability that it will be the same pattern in the future.”
Therefore, Securities Companies and Professional Investors also act based on such analyses. It is not possible to win with simplistic ideas like “the price will rise just because it sharply dropped by $1” (laughs).

■Types of Technical Analysis

Technical indicators are broadly categorized into two types: “Trend-Following Indicators” and “Oscillator Indicators”.
Trend-Following Indicators are used to determine whether the market is in an uptrend or a downtrend. They help identify the general direction of the market.
Oscillator Indicators represent overbought and oversold conditions within the market. They show when the market is overbought (overvalued) or oversold (undervalued).
By combining these two types of indicators and conducting analysis, traders determine where to make entry points and make their judgments on trading decisions.